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Marty Casey Has Just Added A New Essential Element


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and Swarovski has created a campaign in which they will donate a portion of sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Because of this, Marty Casey Silver Elements Collection has just added a new Essential Element to the Marty Casey Silver Elements Collection: A Swarovski Breast Cancer Awareness Charm!

The Marty Casey Silver Elements Collection is an Ingredient Branding Partner with Swarovski Elements so it was natural for them to want to join forces and support this important cause.

The Marty Silver Elements Collection is always coming up with new designs; connecting everything with their love of rock music and fashion, all while giving back to a good cause.

Not only is this rocking Joycott working with Swarovski but they are also working on their own campaign "Strike A Chord", where a portion of their proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. "Because cancer has struck a chord with us on many levels." said Marla Zegart, Co-Designer with Marty Casey.

One thing that both Marla and Rock Star, Marty Casey, believe deeply is that "giving back rocks!"



Sasha Blumenfeld

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Sasha Blumenfeld


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