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Teaching Kindness


I woke up this morning and saw the Ted Talk video of Orly Wehbe and a light came on. The talk is about kindness and how the impact of small acts of kindness create a snowball effect that does a world of good.

Wehbe is a school teacher who started using ‘kindess cards’ as a sort of coupon system with her class to teach them think more of others and to promote kindess so that it is passed along.

The idea is simple enough.

The key for me was that Wehbe figured out that she actually needed to teach the kids how to be kind in order to create a change in their behaviour. She saw that what was needed was what most of us would think of as a return to basics. It makes me wonder how many other teachers are expressly teaching kindness in the classroom. And how many parents instil kindness in the home?

No doubt we are all taught elements of kindness like manners and politeness, likely positioned as important for our own success or for the respect of our parents and family rather than for the good of others.

In our busy world where we are always on edge, looking out for our safety and told not to expect anyone to have our best interest at heart, it seems that we have skipped the lesson. The profound impact of kindness toward a stranger is far more powerful than anything we can learn from a traditional curriculum.

It’s a language that we should all speak fluently.

Martha B

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Martha B

December 15, 2014

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