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Yes...We Might Just Be Missing the Big Picture on Climate Change


Last week the NY times posted an article called “Are We Missing the Big Picture on Climate Change?” and it really hit home with me. Rebecca Solnit makes a great point about how the way in which stories are told can serve to distract or dissuade us from the bigger cause the story was claiming to represent.


Climate change is everything, a story and a calamity bigger than any other. It’s the whole planet for the whole foreseeable future, the entire atmosphere, all the oceans, the poles; it’s weather and crop failure and famine and tropical diseases heading north and desertification and the uncertain fate of a great majority of species on earth. The stories about individual birds can distract us from the slow-motion calamity that will eventually threaten every bird.


Read the rest of the article here.


It’s so important that we stay aware of the lenses through which we receive information. That’s the only way that we can keep working together toward positive change when opposing messages may be hidden between the lines. Don't forget to turn on your critical thinking!

Martha B

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Martha B


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