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The first thing you notice about Opal and Dixie is how insanely happy they look in their photos. With tongues out and tails wagging, you see the joy in their expressions. The dynamic duo couldn't be more loved by their owner, Debbie Guardian. After all, she named her San Francisco company Opie & Dixie after her four-legged friends.

Committed to caring for her pets with the same careful consideration that she does for herself, Guardian decided to create her own line of organic products formulated for dogs and cats. That's how Opie & Dixie came into existence. The company's "Wholesome Pet Solutions" include everything from vitamins to shampoos and cream rinses to paw balm and Snoutstik.

Guardian believes in helping in every way that she can.


There are no synthetics, chemicals or pesticides in any of Opie & Dixie's products. In fact, all ingredients go through rigorous testing by a third-party agency to make sure that they meet the standards required to be called Certified Organic. Guardian wants to share nothing but the good stuff with her pets and she wants you to take the same care and concern by doing the same for yours.

She even made sure that the packaging she used was sustainable. The labels are biodegradable and created with 100 percent wind power using plant-based, non-toxic ink and natural, non-toxic glue. They're printed on FSC certified, forest-friendly eco-paper. Her company's containers are made of either recyclable tins or BPA-free plastic. So Opie and Dixie products are not only good for pets, they're also good for the environment as well.


Guardian believes in helping in every way that she can. She's a big advocate for senior pets and donates a percentage of all Opie and Dixie profits to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue as well as other animal advocacy and rescue groups. She also spreads the word about homeless pets and adoption through the text on her website and the blogs that she writes.

Simply put, Guardian is a voice for the voiceless. Her products benefit pet owners, pets, and shelter animals. Each purchase of her shampoos, sprays, balms, and supplements helps her advocate for pets like Opal and Dixie, rescues from the local humane society. With nothing but satisfied customers, Opie & Dixie is gaining the recognition it so richly deserves with its products which are available in many boutique stores and retailers like PetSmart.

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