Perks Terms of Use

JoyPerks you acquire through as a Joycott member are promotional offers provided by participating Companies. JoyPerks are redeemable for goods, services, or experiences offered solely by the identified Company.

The Company is the issuer of the JoyPerk, and is fully responsible for all goods, services, or experiences offered. Furthermore, the Company is solely responsible for any illnesses, injuries, claims, damages, and costs (hereafter referred to as "Liabilities") you may suffer, whether directly or indirectly, in full or in part, whether related to the redemption or use of a JoyPerk or not.

By using, and acquiring JoyPerks, you hereby waive and release Joycott and its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents from any and all Liabilities arising from or related to any act or omission of a Company in connection with your use of a JoyPerk, or the goods, services, or experiences provided in connection with the JoyPerk. Joycott is not responsible for any claims citing performance or quality associated with goods, services, or experiences provided by the Company in relation to or as direct use of a JoyPerk.

Companies may offer JoyPerks for services that require regulatory authorization, licensure, or certification. Joycott does not validate, collect, or verify evidence of any regulatory authorization, licensure, or certification from any Company. To determine whether a Company is qualified to perform their advertised service, You should make whatever separate investigation you deem necessary. Company is solely responsible for the quality of care, goods, services, and experiences provided. The Company is solely responsible for claims in relation to or as a direct result of improper licensure, or certification.

Joycott is not a health or wellness provider and does not, will not, and cannot refer, recommend, or endorse services, products, or procedures to You that are advertised on the Site through stories or JoyPerks. Always seek the advice of Your physician regarding any questions You may have regarding the potential effects of a JoyPerk on a pre-existing health condition.

Any attempt to redeem a JoyPerk in violation of these Terms of Use will render the JoyPerk void. By purchasing, viewing a mobile version, printing, accepting, using or attempting to use any JoyPerk, you agree specifically to these Terms of Sale, the terms on the JoyPerk, and any additional, deal specific terms advertising the JoyPerk at the time of purchase (collectively, the "fine print" regardless of how labeled). These rules apply to all JoyPerks that we make available, unless a particular JoyPerk's fine print states otherwise, and except as otherwise required by law. In the event of a conflict between these rules and a JoyPerk's fine print, the JoyPerk's fine print will control.

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