Meet the team

Gonzalo Gandia

Gonzalo Gandia / Managing Director

Gonzalo Gandia is the Managing Director of Joycott, an online resource highlighting the best small and medium size businesses focusing on sustainability and social good. He is responsible for project management and overseeing all strategic operations.

Gonzalo was born and raised in Canada, where he received a Bachelor’s Business degree from Concordia University. He has lived in various parts of the Caribbean, South America and Europe since 1992 -- experiences which created for him a broader definition of social responsibility in different cultures and the challenges that other regions in the world must endure. In addition, Gonzalo has performed as General Manager for several telecommunications companies and investment groups from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He currently oversees Joycott’s strategic operations from the head office in London, located on 47b Welbeck Street.

Martha Blackler

Martha Blackler / Community Director

Martha is our Community Director. With a background in music, fashion, and athletics, she brings a creative approach to the project. Martha studied in Marketing and has worked in the Health and Wellness field promoting healthy lifestyle choices prior to joining the Joycott team. She believes that healthy living and social responsibility go hand in hand and is thrilled to be a part of this exciting movement.

Martha lives in Montréal, Québec where she balances work and play. Playing soccer, downhill skiing and competitive sailing are among her favourite pastimes.

The Coders

  • Hugo Bórquez

    Hugo Bórquez

    Lead Developer

  • Andrés Lagos

    Andrés Lagos


  • Diego Lacámara

    Diego Lacámara

    Designer / Front end developer

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