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Traditional wallpaper is so 20th century.

Today's big trend in wall décor? The fun and versatile wall decal.

You know what I'm talking about -- those peelable, stickable graphic images and patterns that can be applied directly to walls with little to no hassle?

These wall stickers, usually made of vinyl, have enjoyed increasing popularity over the last few years and are widely used as a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to enliven or redecorate a room.

But while these vinyl decals look good, the materials with which they're made might not be so safe.

So when Jason Weisenthal decided to start his own business printing custom wall graphics, he made sure that the materials that his company used to make them were safe -- for people and for the planet.

A Shoo-in

Weisenthal cut his business teeth on shoes. Growing up, he spent his weekends in his father's shoeshop, and after earning his business degree, took over the management of a shoe store of his own.

In a few short years, he transformed the store from a struggling business to a thriving enterprise.

Just Monkeying Around

Weisenthal's interest in graphic wall decals, however, began as a lark. Jumbo-sized wall stickers of famous sports players were becoming popular, but Weisenthal wanted to find a company that would allow him to create decals of his own for kids playing sports.

Unable to find such a service, he decided to learn how to make them himself, and it wasn't long before he had taught himself everything he needed to know about producing graphic wall art.

With his business savvy firmly in place, Weisenthal decided to launch Wallmonkeys -- his own web company where customers could upload images of their children scoring the winning goal or completing the perfect pirouette, and order custom wall decals of those images.

Wallmonkey's environmentally sound decals are also reusable, so customers can stick and restick without ruining the decal or their walls.

In time, Wallmonkeys expanded to include both custom orders as well as huge selection of "print-on-demand" graphics from fine art images to nursery-themed graphics to sports emblems.

Entrepreneurs can have business logos printed while teachers can order educational decals for their classrooms. Weisenthal's vision was to make amazing, high-quality graphics available for anything his customers could imagine.

The PVC Problem

His vision was also to produce those graphics responsibly. What's different about Wallmonkeys decals is the material from which they are made. Most decals are made with "vinyl," the shortened name for polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

PVC has been known to emit toxic gases, is non-biodegradable, difficult to recycle, and creates excess toxic waste when produced. In short, it's not good for people's health or the environment.

Since vinyl wall decals have become such a popular decorating option – especially in nurseries and children's rooms – concerns about their safety are on the rise.

A Printing Alternative

But Wallmonkeys' prints its images on Photo-tex, a durable, high-quality fabric that has become a great alternative for graphic printing. Unlike vinyl, Photo-tex is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and emits no harmful gases.

Wallmonkey's environmentally sound decals are also reusable, so customers can stick and restick without ruining the decal or their walls.

Trendy and Earth Friendly

At the Wallmonkeys' print facility in Kensington, Maryland, Weisenthal takes pride in the full autonomy that he has maintained in the company. With no outside investors, he is free to run the company by the standards he feels are best, and never has to compromise on quality or service.

As Wallmonkeys heads into its fifth year, the company is stronger than ever, breaking the seven-figure mark in profitability.

With Wallmonkeys, Weisenthal combines the personal, everyday know-how he learned in his father shop with his own enthusiastic, entrepreneurial spirit to create the cool and trendy wall graphics his customers love, in an equally cool and earth friendly way.

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